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You may need credit with BKR if you have a negative BKR . There are several possibilities for closing credit with BKR.

If you borrow money you will soon get a BKR registration . That is in principle not a problem, because a ‘normal’ BKR registration says little about your creditworthiness. Only if you do not pay off a loan on time or for example your phone bill does not pay, you can get a negative BKR . A negative BKR is very difficult, as this can make it a lot more difficult to get credit. A negative BKR remains for another 5 years.

How much credit with BKR

How much credit with BKR

It is relevant for how much credit you want to borrow with BKR for closing credit with BKR. Depending on the amount of the loan to be borrowed, various types of loans with BKR are possible and you can contact several credit providers. If you want to borrow an amount between 100 and 800 euros with BKR, then it is wise to close a mini credit with BKR. If you want to borrow more than 800 euros with BKR, you may be able to close several mini credits with BKR or still opt for a personal loan with BKR .


Borrow small amount with BKR

Borrow small amount with BKR

You may want to borrow a small amount with BKR. Borrowing a small amount with BKR can already be difficult, as you can get a loan with a negative BKR listing. Borrowing a small amount with BKR can best be done by means of a minilening or mini-credit, since often no BKR is tested.


Mini credit with BKR


You can borrow credit with BKR by choosing a mini credit or minilening with BKR . A mini credit with BKR can be closed for amounts between 100 and 1000 euros. So if you want to borrow 300 euros or 500 euros with BKR, for example, closing a mini credit with BKR is very useful. You can borrow 1000 euros with BKR at Please note that minilines have a short maturity, so you will have to pay off your loan quickly. If you are late you can incur costs due to, for example, collection agency costs.


Great credit with BKR


If you want to close a large credit with BKR and a mini credit is not enough, then you need to look for other credit providers. You could close a credit with BKR does look at your BKR registration, but also looks beyond just a negative BKR registration. This means that you can still borrow credit despite a negative BKR.

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